Benalla Botanical Gardens 

2A Bridge Street West Benalla Victoria

In the heart of Benalla, in North East Victoria, lies a sanctuary that has stood the test of time, shaping civic life in this town.

Since its establishment in the 1880s, the Benalla Botanical Gardens has been more than just a collection of plants and trees; it's been a hub of community life, a drawcard for visitors to the region, a venue for cultural events, and a witness to the town's history.

Spanning eight hectares, this lush oasis has welcomed generations of residents and visitors alike. Today, it stands as a testament to the town's commitment to nature, recreation, and the arts.

The story of the Benalla Botanical Gardens begins in 1859 when the forward-thinking Benalla Shire Council set aside land for ‘cricketing and other purposes of recreation’. But it wasn't until the visionary landscape designer, Alfred Sangwell, took charge in 1882 that the gardens began to take their iconic shape.

Today the Benalla Botanical Gardens are not just a testament to the town's past but a promise for its future. This oasis of nature, recreation, and culture the Botanical Gardens continue to be the heart of Benalla.