Canola Flight – Benalla 

35 Samaria Road Benalla Victoria

A one-hour Canola Flight above the brilliant yellow canola fields around the northeast Silo Art Trail north of Benalla.

Be immersed in colour. The psychology of colour defines yellow as the colour of happiness, positivity, and energy - this balloon flight across the brilliant yellow canola fields will bring optimism and enthusiasm to your life.

Goldrush's Canola Flights are conducted above the expansive bright yellow canola fields around the Silo Art Trail in northeast Victoria, meeting at the Gliding Club of Victoria, Benalla aerodrome.

The Goldrush Ballooning Canola Flight experience includes:

Transfers in the 4WD to the launch site, and return from the landing; A full passenger safety briefing before take-off; Spectacular one-hour sunrise balloon flight across the canola fields.

In-flight photography during the flight, to prove you were there.

Hosting by the expert team who keep you informed throughout.

A glass of King Valley Prosecco and chocolates after the flight.

Limited Flight Season - The canola fields are only in flower in August and September, therefore the availability of this flight is limited and seasonal.

This experience is provided by Goldrush Ballooning