Hilda Bain Mural – Winton Wetlands 

Winton Road North Winton Victoria

The large-scale artwork of Hilda Bain is to be found at the entrance to the area known as The Lunette, within the Winton Wetlands reserve.

It was created by artist Cam Scale in 2016.

Cam is a well-renown fine artist and mural painter in Australia, working primarily with aerosol, oil and acrylic, and specialising in large-scale figures and portraits.

Hilda Bain was a leading member of one of the pioneering white settlement families in the Winton Wetlands area. Known for her imposing personality and presence, Hilda was chosen to represent, in artwork, 16 families that have lived in and around the area for generations. Their lives were ones of struggle and success, hard work and reward - enriched by beautiful surrounds and supported by fertile soils.

Hilda's own words sum up this rewarding but challenging life: ?Sheep, wheat and chickens thrived out here. People lived without electricity, phones or cars for many years but enjoyed rich, highly social and fulfilling lives.?