Benalla Art Gallery – Mimi Leung: Growing Up With You 

Bridge Street Benalla Victoria

The title of the show refers to both Leung’s relationship with her art practice, and with her children – reflecting on how her attitudes to art and her own practice have changed as she has grown up and had kids.

Starting with a selection of works from early in her illustration career, this exhibition broadly shows the shift in focus and the artist’s ‘growing up’ – as an artist, as a mother, as a human – and traces her journey from trauma to healing through both commercial and non-commercial work.

The exhibition features an animated poem projection about the complexities of parent-child relationships in multicultural families and intergenerational trauma.

Central to the exhibition is a digital illustration vinyl installation, which Leung explains is “about inviting my children into my work and allowing collaboration between us through art (as in life). Children (and adults!) are invited to colour and doodle, complete patterns etc. on this work, to collaborate on an artwork that grows unpredictably throughout the exhibition but which is anchored by a central image.”